Experience Korea’s Authentic BBQ Buffet now!


With freshest food prepared daily, you get to taste the best of Korean authentic BBQ.


The best get together with your fiends is to enjoy Korea’s favourite sizzling hot BBQ buffet




BEEF: Beef belly, Beef seasoning, Bulgogi beef.


CHICKEN: Spicy chicken, Non spicy chicken


PORK: Pork belly, Herb pork belly, pork collar, pork collar seasoning, bulgogi spicy pork


SEAFOOD: Prawn, Squid, Fish, Fish ball, Crab stick


COOKED FOOD: Kimchi fried rice, stew pork, jab chae, Korean pancake, Fried Kimchi dumpling, Seafood pancake, Fried sweet potato, fired chicken, Seaweed soup or Kimchi soup, Steamed rice


SALAD: Apple salad, Potato salad, Corn salad


VEGETABLES: Pumpkin, Chinese cabbage, Kimchi, Sio peck chye, Corn, Australia lettuce, Japanese cucumber, Tomato, Egg, Onion, Button mushroom, bean sprout, Tofu, Potato, Korean rice cake, Sausage, Garlic, Chili pickle, Onion pickle


FRUITS: Watermelon, Orange


FREE-FLOW DRINKS: Korean barley tea, Ice coffee, Lemon barley, Drinking water



Food wastage is charges at $10 per 100g